Did you know that 1 in 3 children are living in single parent homes?

Single parent families face income loss, housing instability, emotional trauma and social problems due to abandonment and/or divorce. The only way to support these single parents is to empower them by providing them the resources to receive education and support during these challenging times.

Assisting Single Parents Through


Assigned family aid to guide parents through centralized location of community resources.


Training programs to help parents manage both their careers and their households.


  Single parent needs to build a community to encourage and support their journey.

How can you help?

Let’s work together to help stabilize some of these single family homes in our area by joining our upcoming program. Our program is so much more than just giving financial support… It’s about connecting with some of the families that need the help and support.

You’ll be able to…

Choose your level of support

Follow and track the behind the scenes success stories

Become a proud ambassador to our program

Until our program is created feel free to make a one-time donation

Receive Heartfelt Updates Directly to your e-mailbox

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